Master Tips 3

Learn the Values of Objects. Most humans have lost the ability to distinguish values. We have become lazy, using color as a crutch to distinguish the millions of gray values in this world. Most people today, have lost the ability to see things in values. There are millions of grays out there! Those values of gray make up our lives! Animals supposedly still use this sense. The tip is to pick a subject to paint, any subject that you like! Now paint it in black and white, ONLY! Now you can wash it with ANY color, that you want and it’s still a wonderful painting! Try it with any other color and it doesn’t work! You will learn to see values again! This will open your eyes to a whole new world and train you to see that world in your life!

A recent poll taken by local artists showed that their number one priority was color! The second was truth and honesty! Really strange group! Aside from truth, values have to be number one; you have nothing without them!

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